Travel Tips to European Countries

Robbed in Barcelona

Finally, my new ATM card arrived in the mail today. I swear, nothing feels more like freedom than inserting that little piece of plastic into a machine anywhere in the world and having it spit out crisp bills in the local currency. Especially when you know what it’s like to live without it. Two weeks ago, I was robbed... Read More »

Vacation Idea: Ski & Snowboard

If you’r looking to for a great vacation idea then I recommend to go skiing and snowboarding. This week I rented an apartment in two beautiful areas of the Swiss Alps together with my parents, my brother, my sister in law and our little niece of 1 1/2 years old. We had a really great week in the snow, skiing, snowboarding... Read More »

European Surf Safari

So the travels have turned into surf safari again. When your significant other is married to the waves, it happens. Jane and I set out on a road trip to Portugal from France, and by the time we had picked up the rental car in Madrid he was already busily charting the swell – it was brewing somewhere far, far away, and... Read More »

Clothing for Backpackers to Beat The Cold

Europe can be a great travel destination for backpackers but keeping the cold out with so much to carry can be the difference between a joyous trip or a misery filled one, here’s how to not get caught out. Cold Weather Clothing Essentials One thing worth remembering for all backpackers is that what you carry on your back... Read More »

Planning your vacation even when you have limited money

Traveling around the world is a great thing. There are so many places to be visited and different things to be seen. It is a thrilling experience to visit a new place as you will be able to have new experiences and enjoy new foods. But, if you are low on budget, it might seem to be a hard thing to plan a vacation. But,... Read More »