Travel Tips to European Countries

Breezing Through Barcelona

Barcelona is a city whose delights cannot, thankfully, be summed up in one article or one weekend. But even with limited time for visiting, you can delve into many varied offerings proffered by this Catalan city of eastern Spain. Thankfully, a bounty of Barcelona’s beauty is located... Read More »

Train Vacation in Europe with Eurorail

Well, look at you. You’ve gone and done it. You’ve scrimped, you’ve saved, you’ve cashed in the kid’s birthday checks from grandma and grandpa – that’s not right by the way – you’ve read all the books and written down your contact information. You’ve put a hold... Read More »

9 Adventures in France

Here are some really interesting suggestions – 9 Adventures in France – for having your next vacation to this beautiful European country. It’s recommended to read a previous article with Travel Tips for France when planning a trip to these wonderful places. 1. Notre... Read More »

The Beaches of San Sebastian, Spain

Spain is one of my favorite travel destinations and I’ll always be happy to spend a new vacation in this wonderful country. An old European city overlooking the ocean is an amazing sight and San Sebastian, Spain, is no exception. It is home to three beaches – the larger of... Read More »

Robbed in Barcelona

Finally, my new ATM card arrived in the mail today. I swear, nothing feels more like freedom than inserting that little piece of plastic into a machine anywhere in the world and having it spit out crisp bills in the local currency. Especially when you know what it’s like to live... Read More »